Helpful Tech Gadgets

1) Always read the user manual, this will often show you something you’ve done wrong. Never assume you know everything about it.

2) Check and double check that everything that is supposed to be in the box is actually in the box. People throw away cables or small things because they don’t look thoroughly through the packaging.

3) Be sure you check that all the appropriate accessories have been supplied, these can sometimes be excluded in the factory.

4) If you have bought a device from a foreign country you will need to check the voltage as this may vary. Failure do so could cause a shortage in your house and the destruction of your new high tech gadget.

5) Always check to see if the LED indicator is active, this lets you know that your new tech gadgets are receiving power.

6) Double check the battery is inserted properly; it should fit in nicely and not be loose. Most batteries will have an indicator on them as to which way they should fit.

7) Check the manual to see if all your cables are connected in the correct way.

8) Ensure that your cable is not the problem. You can check a cable by using it in another device that is similar.

9) Make sure that the side of a SIM card with the chip showing is face down in the device and connected.

10) Turning a device on and off can sometime create a power surge that gives a new device the necessary power it need on an initial boot up. This is the reason most Microsoft engineers will ask someone to do this first.

Ski Gadgets for Kids

SKBoot Rolling Bag

In a similar vein, the SKBoot Rolling Bag is the pull-along luggage that kids can use and is specially designed to fit ski boots and a helmet. Anyone who has been on a family ski holiday knows that it can be a lot of fun but organising the whole family’s luggage and working out how to carry it all can be a nightmare and that is where this brilliant bag comes in.

Tip Connectors

When it comes to teaching the kids to ski, while you may be staying at a reputable family ski resort that takes care of lessons and childcare for you so that they can learn and make friends at the same time from trained instructors, you may want to teach them some of the basics yourself. Tip connectors are a great place to start: the short rubber tube connects the tips of the skis so kids can adjust to the feel of skiing and learn balance and control safely.

Hula Hoops and Harnesses

Working much like the harnesses you use when the kids are very young to prevent them from wandering off unsupervised, these devices also prevent them from falling over whilst learning to ski. In a similar way to stability aids, they allow the child to balance on their own whilst letting the parent guide their direction and speed.

Strap on Skis

Another great way to teach the kids stability before they find their ski legs is by getting them to use strap on skis. These enable the teaching of balance and movement before the kids hit the slopes and are very safe.

Golf Gadgets and Instructions

One of the first things to keep in mind is that golf is an incredibly popular sport. As such, everyone sees the potential for making a profit by offering advice or products “guaranteed” to make your golf game better. That means that many of the companies are going to be offering worthless information and gadgets. Remember to evaluate the company as well as the golf products before you buy. Guarantees are a good sign that a company is legitimate, but be sure the guarantee is iron-clad.

Start your quest for new golf products by evaluating the needs of your game. Where are you weakest? Don’t simply listen to your golfing partners, but don’t ignore their advice either. Take a realistic look at your game and try to figure out what areas could use the most work.

Focus on a small area at a time. If you say that your entire game needs work, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Even as a beginning golfer, the game should be fun. If you’re working hard at every step, you’re quickly going to start thinking of golf as work – and that wasn’t meant to be.

Consider hiring a tutor for regular sessions. Make time to actually play golf after the lessons so that you start incorporating what you’ve learned into your game.

While gadgets are fun, consider their value before you make a financial investment. Some golf aids are simply ridiculous, but the companies producing them count on the fact that some golfers are anxious to improve their game without putting any effort into the process. A helmet that will perfectly line up your shots probably isn’t going to work. On the other hand, some golfers find it useful to make a mark on the golf ball to help them line up the shot. Deciding what gadgets to invest in depends entirely on the individual – what works to help correct problems.

Before You Buy Any Gadget

Check what feature you need. Ex: If you want to buy a cellphone, what activity do you do most? If you just use Cellphone for Sms and make a call don’t waste your money to buy the expensive one with lots of feature but you won’t use any of them

Make a list contain 3-5 choice. Then write the pros and cons each one with many factors like feature, price, technology, and design. In the last line, answer the question : Is this gadget fits me?

Look down to your wallet. Don’t push so hard to buy the expensive gadget if the budget don’t really friendly.

Even though you buy offline, check the online store like that has many testimonials. is the great place to see the review too.

Look at the gadget sales. If it’s high, so it’s really popular. If you love trends and want to buy gadget with good reputation, buy it. But if you don’t want to look same with most people, avoid that product

If your friends have the same one, just give it a try. Borrow at least 30 minutes enough to make the second impression.

Ask the net if you need second opinion. Yahoo! Answer is great site to ask.

Check the warranty. If your gadget break in one days, you know where to claim it

Rethink the design. For some people, it’s important. But if you want the function, don’t stuck with beautiful-designed gadget

If you lack of money, you can wait for several month until the price drops. Gadgets price usually go down, only few of them get the price higher. But don’t wait too long, or you will miss it!

Buy the second hand gadget? I don’t think so, the gadget life is too short so it will easily break if you buy it.