Before You Buy Any Gadget

Check what feature you need. Ex: If you want to buy a cellphone, what activity do you do most? If you just use Cellphone for Sms and make a call don’t waste your money to buy the expensive one with lots of feature but you won’t use any of them

Make a list contain 3-5 choice. Then write the pros and cons each one with many factors like feature, price, technology, and design. In the last line, answer the question : Is this gadget fits me?

Look down to your wallet. Don’t push so hard to buy the expensive gadget if the budget don’t really friendly.

Even though you buy offline, check the online store like that has many testimonials. is the great place to see the review too.

Look at the gadget sales. If it’s high, so it’s really popular. If you love trends and want to buy gadget with good reputation, buy it. But if you don’t want to look same with most people, avoid that product

If your friends have the same one, just give it a try. Borrow at least 30 minutes enough to make the second impression.

Ask the net if you need second opinion. Yahoo! Answer is great site to ask.

Check the warranty. If your gadget break in one days, you know where to claim it

Rethink the design. For some people, it’s important. But if you want the function, don’t stuck with beautiful-designed gadget

If you lack of money, you can wait for several month until the price drops. Gadgets price usually go down, only few of them get the price higher. But don’t wait too long, or you will miss it!

Buy the second hand gadget? I don’t think so, the gadget life is too short so it will easily break if you buy it.